Coppia cavi RCA Tara Labs RSC Air Evolution, con EVO Ground Station. Lunghezza 1 metro. Nuovo, mai utilizzato.

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The Air™ Series and air-tube™ technology from TARA Labs has been at the forefront of audio cable design for nearly 20 years. The Air 1 Interconnect was The Absolute Sound ‘Product of the Year’ and has been one of the best-selling high-end audio cables of all time.

Now TARA Labs proudly introduces the Air Evolution™ Interconnect that provides phenomenal performance and a Capacitance figure of only 6 pF per foot. This means that the Air Reference has more than twice the high frequency bandwidth of the famous Air 1 Interconnect. Of course the construction uses a minimal amount of dielectric material and a pair of the Rectangular Solid Core™ conductors.

The sound of the Air Evolution is completely neutral and absolutely revealing with high frequency and airy detail that is not found in comparable audio cables.

  • All new air tube design
  • Controlled geometry for stable electrical characteristics
  • Teflon and Aero PE filament ensuring a high percentage of overall air dielectric
  • Each channel is a twin axial
  • Each channel uses a RSC Gen 2 conductor for separate positive & negative runs
  • Anti-corrosion coated copper shield
  • Extremely transparent, detailed, open & revealing
  • Fine resolution of fine detail
  • Image outlines clearly defined, life-like imagery
  • RSC Air Evolution = 6pF (cable capacitance is measured in picofarads / pF)