The Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distribution comes in three versions; A2, C2 and D2, they all are pinnacle products giving your HiFi-components the very best working conditions. The three models only differ in the amount of built-in technologies.

Either of these three models will supply a steady flow of current to even the most demanding High End system. With its massive capacity of grounding through star grounding technology and built on principles similar (though in less quantity) to the Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC Power Distributor, it deliver the perfect groundwork for High End performance.

The Ansuz Mainz8 A2, C2 and D2 each have 8 Dedicated mains outlets and all features the same extremely low impedance star grounding system.

As its predecessors (ansuz A and D), the new Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributors basicly distributes mains power and the effective ground connection and are packed with technology and the experience we have gained from creating the Ansuz D·TC Cable series and from the Ansuz 2-series.

To accommodate the amount of technologies we wanted to supply, the Ansuz Mainz8 A2, C2 and D2 Power Distributors are bigger than our previous models. We have retained our special features where the outlets are mounted sideways so that the connected cables do not tear up in all directions but can easily be arranged along the floor or behind a rack system. The visual look is appealing and logic; soft lines and organic shapes making the Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC high performing, functional and beautiful at the same time.