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Audia Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier

Output power (Watts RMS) @ 8/4 ohm100/160W

Amplifier stage gain26dB

Frequency response (@1 Watt RMS; -3db)1Hz – 450kHz

Slew Rate (@ 8 Ohm)>80V/µS


S/N ratio>95dB

Unbalanced input impedance51kOhm, 150pF

Balanced input impedance30kOhm

Stand-by power consumptionless than 1W

Maximum power consumption400W

Dimensions and weight450x110x430mm (W x H x D), 16,5 kg

Shipping dimensions and weight550x250x580mm (W x H x D), 18,5kg

Dimensions and weight450x110x430mm (W x H x D), 16,5kg



  • 4 unbalanced inputs
  • 1 balanced input
  • 1 monitor input
  • 1 analog input can be assigned to bypass the preamp (as “direct”)
  • 1 optional USB digital input
  • 1 unbalanced preamp output
  • 1 unbalanced record output
  • 1 output for headphones

OPTIONAL BOARDS (can be retrofitted): 
phono MC/MM (replaces analog Input 1); USB 24bit 192KHz DAC (becomes Input 6)