Opal 23 Loudspeakers are a two-way design based on a pair of Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 CS woofers, which are characterized by very good measurable parameters and what we value most in the paper membranes – selectivity with the degree of heat. Upper bands are entrusted to a 25mm silk dome tweeter, which thanks to its compact size enabled to bring closer the acoustic centres of the loudspeakers set.

Opal 23 Loudspeakers offer above-average clarity in diameter, this is the set that you can successfully use in a home recording studio, but the whole is composed in such a way that it will not fall into technical mannerism. Many hours of listening of any kind of music are just a pure pleasure.

The symmetrical configuration of the speakers in Opal 23 Loudspeakers allows you to listen from even a short distance, offering arranged soundstage with a good insight into the recording. The sound is saturated with well-controlled bass, giving to the songs compactness and speed. The bass is able to show its power on the entertainment recordings that require such presentation.

18 mm body together with the back of the enclosure is connected with a thicken 22mm screen, aimed at reducing any vibration of the front wall. An additional element stiffening the whole structure are the reinforcements placed in its sensitive places.

The columns are dedicated for use in rooms with a floor area from 20 to 40 m2.

Impedance4 Ohm
Bandwidth38Hz – 20kHz
Nominal power100 W
Maximum power150 W
Dimensions [W x H x D]190 x 1000 x 300 mm
Weight17 kg / pcs
Woofer2x Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 CS
TweeterPylon Audio PST T-50/8
Spikes + standYes
Speaker grilleYes